Hello..... I hope this web page will give you an insight into making a simple garden design using railway sleepers
What I thought would be quite a task turned out to be quite easy. This method worked for me and I was pleased with the finished result. Basically, the old garden has been buried, not a great lot of preperation work removing the old stuff. It was a one person job even though I let my wife do the concrete mixing (I was always busy making the coffee) The sleepers I used where the pine variety, tanalised and weighing in at about 50 kilos each. I ordered 25 pieces. At the time I ordered I didn't have any plans of how it was going to be like.
The sleepers where layed out in various shapes until I was happy with the look of it.
The first piece down was the important one as it basically determined the shape and height it was going to end up.
I started by digging a channel approximately 2 inches deep, 8 inches wide. Dropped in a spadeful of concrete in the centre and both ends. A spirit level was used but to get a more accurate level as obviously the last peice needed to match up with the height of the first one. I used this method which I used when I built a pond at my previous home.
The new garden was going to be approx' 6 inches higher and I obviously needed to know that it didn't go above the height of the house/garage door thresholds. It didn't as there was a fair step up.
Each of the sleepers were joined together with heavy duty brackets' 2 on each end. If they were to sink/settle they would do it "as one" and no individual piece would sink on its own.
I used a chainsaw were I needed to have a shorter piece but also did a few of them with the use of circular saw and hand saw.
The raised decking in the corner just came about while I was working in that section... it wan't planned. I new I had 25 sleepers and I wanted to use all of them, I did with just a few offcuts. Corner number 1 was raised three sleepers high and then cross sections placed to provide 3 seperate height planting areas. Corner number2 (foreground, main pic) I used a couple of offcuts to provide for a shrub. Corner number 3 was 2 peices high approx' 6'x6', possibly going to plant a small tree there. Corner number 4 (the raised decked area) was finished off with some surplus block paving bricks to make a wall. It is only layed dry, so if you push on it... it falls down, so, we don't push on it.
Two rolls of screening against the neighbours garage and a two Ivies planted on the back wall to cover that. All the shrubs are evergreen so we only need to infill with a bit of colour in the spring/summer.

All in all it was a simple and easy garden transformation. If you have read this far without being too bored then maybe it will give you some thoughts.
Goodbye from sunny Cleethorpes
Garden design using timber sleepers
Steve's back Garden Pond
the work to commence.
The Ivy now completely covers that huge wall.2012
I thought that was a nice climber growing up the garage....It is Bindweed.... Had to go.
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This is a rough breakdown of the cost. 2005
25 sleepers....£500 - 3 ton topsoil....£90 - 5 ton gravel....£156 - 30 mtrs turf....£72 - Decking....£140 - Fencing/Posts....£40 - Block paving....£40 Screening/plants....£120 - brackets/misc'....£40
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