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You've seen the rest,
now see the best....

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Website made by Steve using glue and sellotape
Transparent Signatures
Please note:
You can insert an animated gif into most email programs, some are easy, some take a little more time to set up. Plenty of information from Google.There are a few that will only display the first frame or not at all. Your request is on the basis you understand this. Right click and save the example signature above to see if it works for you.
Not seeing animation above ?..... it means your device does not have support for animated gifs
Hi Guys....
Welcome to my Animated Signature pages
I try to make signatures that are more realistic by adding a bit of "rock" n" "roll" to the writing tool used.
I make the signatures for free.
Regretable that I never get thanks for doing them, but hey.... never mind.
I will make you three sigs, Static, play once, and play repeat.
I will make and send to you within 24 hours and would be available to download for 24 hours.

An excellent animated gif site worth seeing